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Are Liberals Targeting Conservatives Through Facebook?


Liberals have gone insane. This story reminds me of my receiving a U.S. Agriculture Census form from the federal government after tweeting and mentioning on Facebook that I have backyard chickens. The wildlife around here have eaten more of my chickens than any people have in the last month. I think I have about 12 […]

Regnerus Study: Bad News For Supporters of ‘Gay Marriage’


If you’ve spent any amount of time debating the topic of “gay marriage” with activists, you’ve heard the claims that children do just as well living with two “parents” of the same sex as they do in intact, biological families. Extensive research conducted by Mark Regnerus indicates that the opposite is true. Children growing up […]

Rights of Children Missing in Debates About ‘Gay Marriage’


I have just been listening to the first 8 minutes of a debate about “gay marriage” and discrimination against “gay couples” on the February 2 Mandy Connell Show hosted by Mary Walter. I know I should listen to more, before posting an article, but I can’t bear to. What a painful experience these eight minutes […]

Catholic Mom Bloggers: What Are You Teaching Your Kids and Your Readers About Same-Sex Attraction?

The Vatican has rightly stated that “exhaustive treatment” of the issue of homosexuality is “complex.” Because it is so complex, there appears to be a lot of confusion out there about the appropriate way to present Catholic teaching on homosexuality, even among faithful Catholics. One of these areas of confusion relates to what we are […]