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Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Says He Backs Homosexual Adoption


Some of you may remember that I was booted off a certain Catholic team blog for criticizing Paul Ryan’s embrace of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and for refusing to support him after he made a politically-motivated denial of Ayn Rand. He’s showing his true colors again today in supporting homosexual adoption. How is that related to […]

Who in the GOP Sent the Memo to Marginalize Rick Santorum?

Good gravy! Have you seen these headlines? This is INSANE! At the #1 political blog, Huffington Post: Bobby Jindal: Birth Control Should Be Over-The-Counter Have these folks not heard that you can buy condoms, which are birth control, in public restrooms? Have you really never seen a public condom dispenser? At the #2 political blog, […]

Paul Ryan Should Denounce Ayn Rand

It is highly disappointing to see Paul Ryan answering a question about Ayn Rand this way. What he should be saying is that the scales have fallen from his eyes and that he now sees how anti-Christian her philosophy is. Seven years ago, in a talk to a group of Ayn Rand devotees known as […]

Romney Cheered at Univision, Ryan Booed at AARP


I have sworn off cable and mostly get my news online now, so I generally do not see things like this until after they happen. BuzzFeed reports that Mitt Romney “packed” the audience at the Univision forum. Audience approval means a lot in a forum like that. Huffington Post reports that Paul Ryan was “booed” […]

A Free Economy in an Immoral Society Produces an Oligarchy

Yesterday, I wrote about the difference between Rick Santorum and Team Romney on the issue of income mobility. Income mobility is the ability of the poor and the middle class to rise in society and to become more prosperous. If there is no income mobility, there really can be no freedom in America because it […]