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In Washington State, Liberals Put Abortion, Homosexuality and Suicide in Preference Over the Poor


Never mind that Catholic hospitals are more committed to serving the poor than other healthcare institutions. Liberals in Washington are opposing Catholic healthcare because it doesn’t include abortion, suicide, and support for homosexual lifestyles. These things, for the liberal, trump care for the poor. New York Times: Catholic hospital leaders said that changes in the […]

Rick Santorum: ‘I Am So Excited About This Pope’

Via Da Tech Guy, we have remarks from Rick Santorum on his excitement about the election of Pope Francis and what he expects us to benefit from his papacy. Santorum: I am so excited about this pope because he’s a man who has the heart of people and understands that to help the poor, as […]

Princes of Sodom and the Seat of Moses

A rose for the bishop.

Today’s readings took me aback, given recent news. You’ll definitely want to read the whole thing. The first reading is from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah and references God’s call for the “princes of Sodom” to repent and to be washed clean, that they may “learn to do good” and fulfill their just duties, […]

Florine, The Disobedient Nun

Reading a little from Gury’s Doctrine of the Jesuits, I was impressed by this story about a hypothetical disobedient nun. It occurred to me that most people today, upon reading this, would probably not understand that this nun actually did something very wrong, in the context of her own spiritual well-being, or would not understand […]