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Rand Paul

I Refuse to Live in Fear of My Government


I have had it with progressives and libertarians alike. On the one hand, we have a progressive president whose administration, through the IRS, has been targeting conservatives simply for being conservative. If you think this is a new thing that does not represent progressive “values” take a look at the Fairness Doctrine. (Limbaugh is Right […]

Santorum: ‘People are starting to push back” against Rand Paul

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum has never campaigned on behalf of Rand Paul, to his credit. Now, he is going a step further. Politico: Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who was a vocal and at times caustic critic of Rand Paul’s father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, during the 2012 primaries, called it a welcome development that “people […]

Looks Like Rand Paul is STILL a Bad Judge of Character

This story at the Washington Times about Rand Paul and his aide Jack Hunter reminds me of the time Rand Paul hired Chris Hightower to be his official campaign spokesperson. You can’t read Jack Hunter’s articles and not know that he’s as Confederate as they come. By the same token, I am convinced that no […]

Rand Paul’s Credibility Problem…and the David Adams I Know

David Adams: The good guy formerly known as the bad guy.

It seems pretty clear that Rand Paul is campaigning for president already. As with Mitt Romney, Rand Paul is a candidate “made in heaven” for Democrats. No, I’m not talking about his opposition to the Civil Rights Act (though that’s certainly on the list of things that would make even a lot of Republicans vote […]

Libertarians Vs. Rand Paul


I disagree with Ron Paul on a lot of things, but I admire in him one very important thing — that he is a man who speaks the truth as he sees it. You see, whether a politician tells the truth is, to me, the most important thing of all. Even if you disagree with […]

Rick Santorum is 100% Right About Rand Paul


Hooray for Rick Santorum. Wall Street Journal, via The Blaze: “Rand Paul’s brand doesn’t line up with all of what our party stands for—on national security, social values, the economy and the role of government in society. His message won’t ultimately lead us to be a more successful party.” – Rick Santorum Here’s how Rand […]