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Republican Party

Why Republicans Are Bleeding Support


Even Hot Air cannot deny that Republicans are bleeding support. Allahpundit shares results from a new WSJ/NBC poll showing that support for Obamacare is up several points higher than it was before shutdown. At National Review, Reihan Salam refers to a Gallup poll and wonders why Republicans are bleeding support. One can imagine a scenario […]

Santorum: ‘People are starting to push back” against Rand Paul

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum has never campaigned on behalf of Rand Paul, to his credit. Now, he is going a step further. Politico: Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who was a vocal and at times caustic critic of Rand Paul’s father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, during the 2012 primaries, called it a welcome development that “people […]

What Catholic Republicans Are Sharing on Facebook


I have put together a round-up of links (and other things) that Catholic Republicans are sharing on Facebook. UPDATE: This is not about what I like, share, endorse, or think is bogus or not bogus. It is only about what Catholic Republicans are sharing. No more. No less. NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER – Archbishop Chaput: Religious […]

‘Top Gop Donors’ Organizing to Buy Politicians Who Will Support ‘Gay Marriage’


The Blaze, which is ostensibly a conservative “news” site, has been spending time pushing “gay marriage.” Their latest is an article about “top GOP donors” organizing to financially back (buy) candidates in primaries who will oppose conservative candidates who are against “gay marriage.” Part of American Unity PAC’s original mission was to spend money on […]

Rick Santorum is 100% Right About Rand Paul


Hooray for Rick Santorum. Wall Street Journal, via The Blaze: “Rand Paul’s brand doesn’t line up with all of what our party stands for—on national security, social values, the economy and the role of government in society. His message won’t ultimately lead us to be a more successful party.” – Rick Santorum Here’s how Rand […]

Crisis Magazine: GOP Complicit in ‘Gay Marriage’


I decided it might be a good idea to take a look at what my fellow Catholics are saying on the blogs about the Republican Party and “gay marriage.” Not nearly enough is being said about this in criticism of the Republican Party in particular, but I’m sure it’s coming if they don’t get their […]

Rob Portman is Wrong on the Marriage Issue

Rob Portman

In my previous post, I explained that Rand Paul is wrong on the marriage issue. Breaking news tonight is that Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), once considered to be a possible choice as running mate for Mitt Romney, has switched his political position on marriage. Portman once supported traditional marriage but now supports redefining marriage to […]