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Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Fr. James Martin Opines On Something He Knows About

Are you frustrated by the incompetence evident in much of the reporting on the papal conclave? You are not alone. Fr. James Martin, S.J., has vented a bit about this on his Facebook page. Enjoy a moment of sanity coupled with a teeny tiny bit of snark. Fr. James Martin. S.J.: The conclave hasn’t even […]

Sede Vacante

The Twitter acccount of Pope Benedict XVI now reads “Sede Vacante.” That makes my little Passionist heart go throb throb throb. I will miss knowing that there are teddy bears and kitty cats in the papal apartments. Here are some tweets from some of my favorite Catholics on Twitter. By the way, you can still […]

The New Reformation: Keith Cardinal O’Brien Resigns

Caravaggio, Crucifixion of St. Peter

Cardinal Bagnasco tweeted the link to his own remarks, via Repubblica, “On the path of spiritual reform and conversion, Benedict XVI urges us by word and example for a renewal of the Church.” Is Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation the harbinger of a new reformation? I think so. I become even more convinced this morning, as […]

It is Not Catholic to Say No To the Cross

Caravaggio, Crucifixion of St. Peter

Nothing pains me more than to see Catholics argue that it is right and good for Pope Benedict to say no to the Cross (his cross being infirmity due to age coupled with the duties of the papacy)…and even that the Holy Spirit has instructed him to do so. If the Holy Spirit has told […]