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Did You Hear About Vladimir Putin and the Virgin Mary?

Vladimir Putin and Mary

This is an old article (from 2011) that I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about but that I like to share with people from time to time. LifeSiteNews: Vladimir Putin receives Virgin Mary ‘fertility’ relic as Russia fights abortion, population decline. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was personally present at a St. Petersburg airport on […]

Vladimir Putin Questions U.S. Policy on Syria, And So Do I

Our Lady of Fatima

On August 29, 1989, Sr. Lucia wrote that the Fatima Consecration had occurred. I believe we are seeing fruits of this from Russia today as I see Vladimir Putin taking strong measures to defend marriage, and even turning to Our Blessed Mother for help to increase Russia’s fertility rate. Some Catholics believe the consecration never […]

Putin to ‘Gay’ Couples Who Want to Adopt: ‘Nyet’

Vladimir Putin. Photo: Russian Presidential Press Office

Vladimir Putin is doing a good thing. The Inquisitr: Putin is reportedly saying “nyet” to gay couples who want to adopt. Gay adoptions of Russian children will apparently soon be prohibited by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He reportedly wants the law in place by July 1. Under the expected forthcoming regulations, foreign same-sex […]

Russia Set to Ban American Adoption of Russian Children


    The Russian government is moving to ban American adoptions of Russian children. A bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children went to President Vladimir Putin for his signature on Wednesday after winning final approval from parliament in retaliation for a U.S. law that targets Russian human rights abusers. Putin has strongly hinted he […]