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Same-Sex Attraction

Abbey Roads: ‘In Christ there is no gay’


Many thanks to Terry Nelson of Abbey Roads for linking me on Monday in his post about Father Paul Scalia and Fr. John Harvey of Courage — Fr. Paul Scalia on same-sex attraction. Please pray for Father Scalia as he has become a target for the scorn of activists. Yesterday, Terry Nelson wrote about “gay” […]

Regnerus Study: Bad News For Supporters of ‘Gay Marriage’


If you’ve spent any amount of time debating the topic of “gay marriage” with activists, you’ve heard the claims that children do just as well living with two “parents” of the same sex as they do in intact, biological families. Extensive research conducted by Mark Regnerus indicates that the opposite is true. Children growing up […]

What is ‘Intrinsic Disorder’?

NOTE: An important amendment to this post is found here. In an article today, Elizabeth Scalia appears to be evolving somewhat in her thinking about same-sex attraction and that it is intrinsically disordered. That’s a good thing. Unfortunately, she still misses the mark. She writes: In identifying my disorder as “intrinsic”—that it resides within me […]