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Sarah Palin

MSNBC: Your Children Belong To The Community, Not to You


Legal Insurrection posts an ad from MSNBC that offers a disturbing claim: “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents” Watch the ad at Legal Insurrection. What does that mean, exactly? It may seem rather harmless initially, so I will offer you a personal example. Two days […]

What’s So Great About Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin Enjoys a Drink Banned in New York by Mayor Bloomberg

What’s so great about Sarah Palin? This. Watch Sarah Palin’s speech at CPAC below. Listen to what she says about who owns the resources. She’s right. Rick Santorum the Passionist has my vote for president already. Watch his speech below, and listen to what he says about suffering. I wrote about it here.

Best Wishes to Sarah Palin as She Leaves Fox News

Real Clear Politics reports that Sarah Palin has left Fox News, declining an offer from Fox to renew her contract. There is some speculation that she might have done so as part of a plan to run for office. Whatever the case, I wish her well. Regular readers know that I used to be what […]

It’s Like No One Knows What a Conservative Is Anymore


This is more evidence of the problem with the Republican Party. It’s like no one knows what a conservative is anymore. Look at this tweet. It’s misleading. Conservative = support and tolerance of individual liberties. “Social Conservative” = Michelle Bachmann, Tony Perkins, Rick Santorum, etc. — Luke Londo (@llondo) November 30, 2012   All conservatives […]