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Rand Paul Says Marijuana Doesn’t Ruin Kids’ Lives, But Jail Does

First on abortion, then on “gay marriage” and now on use of marijuana by children, Rand Paul is, as my good friend and fellow Catholic Kentuckian Maria Merklin says, “letting his freak flag fly.” Paul assures us that marijuana is not harmful to children! How “progressive” of him! Paul believes the only adverse consequence for […]

Mark Levin: The Times Have Changed But Rights Are Still Inalienable

Mark Levin

Mark Levin speaks the truth here. Of course the times have changed, but the principles haven’t. Just apply them, wisely. That’s like saying, ‘the times have changed, so our Constitution needs to be living and breathing.’ No it doesn’t! These principles are invaluable. These rights are inalienable. The fact that the modern politician in the […]

Crisis Magazine: GOP Complicit in ‘Gay Marriage’


I decided it might be a good idea to take a look at what my fellow Catholics are saying on the blogs about the Republican Party and “gay marriage.” Not nearly enough is being said about this in criticism of the Republican Party in particular, but I’m sure it’s coming if they don’t get their […]

Matt Lewis Predicts ‘Long, Hard Slog’ For America

Matt Lewis writes that the “culture war is over and conservatives lost.” He’s looking at this in terms of political victory. I look at it from a spiritual perspective. Conservatives lost political victory, but on a spiritual level, America is losing and will continue to lose, because to be moral is to be counter-cultural in […]