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In Washington State, Liberals Put Abortion, Homosexuality and Suicide in Preference Over the Poor


Never mind that Catholic hospitals are more committed to serving the poor than other healthcare institutions. Liberals in Washington are opposing Catholic healthcare because it doesn’t include abortion, suicide, and support for homosexual lifestyles. These things, for the liberal, trump care for the poor. New York Times: Catholic hospital leaders said that changes in the […]

Pastor Rick Warren and His Family Need Our Prayers


I’ve just learned that Pastor Rick Warren’s son, Matthew, has committed suicide, so I am asking for prayers for all. (Story at U.S. News on NBC News) According to the report, Matthew suffered from mental illness. As someone with Bipolar Disorder who has been suicidal myself, I understand something about this sort of trial. We […]

Catholics, Dignity and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

St. John of Cologne was martyred for refusing to deny the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. “God is wonderful in his saints” (Ps. lxvii, 36).

In a letter to the editor at the Salt Lake Tribune the question is asked: According to “Vatican digs in after gay marriage advances” (Tribune, Nov. 11), the Catholic Church opposes same-sex marriages because “Catholic teaching holds that homosexuals should be respected and treated with dignity but that homosexual acts are ‘intrinsically disordered.’” If you […]

Teen Dressed as Two-Face Commits Suicide at School

  This is for Leila. I have a theory about the reason this kid dressed as Two-Face specifically. Do you know what it is? It’s a theory that is FINALLY starting to get some traction in Catholic media…thanks be to God. “Little words hurt.” He didn’t know his true identity. When people struggle with that, […]