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Taizé youth to meet in Rome


From Vatican Radio, Taizé youth are set to meet in Rome. Over 30.000 young people from across Europe and beyond will be arriving in Rome at the end of December for an annual pilgrimage organised by the ecumenical prayer community of Taize based in eastern France. This 35th European Tazie meeting will take place from […]

Pope John Paul II’s Advice on Response to People With Mental Illness

10 Sep 1997 --- Pope John Paul II in Armchair --- Image by © Eddie Adams/CORBIS

From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Respect Life office, I found a paper by Rev. Richard Gill on “The Person With Mental Illness: Bearing God’s Image.” Both the title and the content are consistent with “God’s Image in the Mentally Ill Person,” an address on the subject from Cardinal Barragan. Cardinal Barragan’s use […]

Graas Girls Review Daughters of St Paul Christmas Bloopers 2


The Graas Girls — Tree Graas and CatholicAwesome — have reviewed this Christmas Bloopers 2 video, made last year, from the Daughters of St. Paul and hereby award it TWO THUMBS UP for bringing many smiles and for demonstrating the proper use of a glow stick. That is one thumb per Graas Girl. Enjoy! Oh, […]

Father Walter Ciszek: A Jesuit You May Like

Walter Ciszek SJ

Mention the term “Jesuit” in some conservative circles and you may hear a grumble. Here’s a Jesuit you may like. Servant of God, Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ, spent many years in a Soviet gulag for the “crime” of being a priest. The video below offers a short biography.