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Army and Air Force Exchange Service Bans Sale of Pornography


Yes! Let’s keep those laces straight! Deseret News: The Army & Air Force Exchange Service decided Wednesday to end the sale of “adult sophisticate” magazines, a category that includes pornographic periodicals such as Playboy and Penthouse. That’s authentic progressive evolution, if ever I saw it. The rejection of barbarianism is real progressive evolution toward a […]

Two nurses are blowing the whistle on Planned Parenthood

Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich (left) and Joyce Vasikonis are two former Planned Parenthood nurses who are blowing the whistle. Photo: GARY EMEIGH/THE NEWS JOURNAL

My latest at Live Action – Nurses: Planned Parenthood administrators, Delaware regulators failed to address ‘meat market’ conditions Two nurses are blowing the whistle on their former employer, Planned Parenthood of Delaware. Joyce Vasikonis and Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, both of whom describe themselves as being supportive of a “right” to abortion, offered scathing testimony against Planned […]

Amnesty International is Demanding That An Unborn Child Be Killed

When did killing become pro-life?

Amnesty International is demanding that an unborn child in El Salvador be killed because they claim it is necessary to save the mother’s life. It is never medically necessary to directly and willfully kill an unborn child. The baby can be delivered if necessary to save the mother’s life without directly killing the baby. Pro-abortion […]

The War on Children

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 23, 2012:  Sandra Fluke, a third-year law student at Georgetown University, testifies during a hearing before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee February 23, 2012 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Fluke was hailed by "feminists" and the Obama presidential campaign as a heroine for demanding that Catholic institutions pay for contraceptive coverage. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

For your consideration this morning: Pundit and Pundette: There’s a “war on children” and we’re all losing. In response to Mark Steyn’s article “Land of the Setting Sun,” Michael Walsh writes: The Regressives want us to think there’s a “war on women” going on, but the fact is, there’s a war on children — which means […]

Lies (Again) About Rick Santorum and Birth Control


I’m so tired of these lies. And Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, in a separate statement said “Santorum is as extreme as it gets.” “He has repeatedly demonstrated a complete disregard for women’s health and rights, from his crusade against birth control to his fight to ban access to abortion for rape […]

Gail Collins Attacks Santorum on Distrust of Government Control

Gail Collins at a book signing for her book "When Everything Changed" in which she characterizes "abortion on demand" as "not very radical." Collins has attacked Rick Santorum for his concerns about State control over family decisions.

The latest Santorum buzz on Twitter is an article by Gail Collins at the New York Times attacking Rick Santorum for failing to put his trust in the United Nations in regard to decisions made that could impact his disabled child, Bella Santorum, and many millions of other disabled children. You may remember Collins from […]