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Taizé youth to meet in Rome


From Vatican Radio, Taizé youth are set to meet in Rome.

Over 30.000 young people from across Europe and beyond will be arriving in Rome at the end of December for an annual pilgrimage organised by the ecumenical prayer community of Taize based in eastern France. This 35th European Tazie meeting will take place from December 28th to January 2nd and will include a prayer vigil with Pope Benedict here in the Vatican on the evening of Saturday 29th.

It will be interesting to see what sort of prayer service there will be with the Holy Father and Taizé. I suspect Father Z, et al, may disagree with me on this. I like Taizé. I would rather listen to a Taizé music video than, say…heavy metal music. My daughters have Taizé Misericordias Domini on their MP3 players, which I love. They also have some other stuff that I don’t listen to AT ALL.

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