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The Most Unsurprising Headline I Have Ever Seen


The most unsurprising headline I have ever seen is the one emblazoned across New Advent, as I write. I did remove the ad, but otherwise, it looks like this.


Philippine President Secretly Signs Contraceptives Law. It links to The Washington Post.

Gasp! How could he? That’s a Catholic country right? And we are celebrating the Feast Day of the Holy Family today, right? Whatever could be happening here?

Well….let’s look at some history and background, shall we?

November, 2009: Hillary Clinton travels to The Philippines for a state visit. The story is that she’s there to let them know that we’re going to help them fight Al Qaeda. Oh, but wait. News from the Philippine Daily Inquirer is that there is another item on the “freewheeling” agenda.

The talks, the source said, could touch on next year’s Philippine elections, the transfer of power in 2010, aid to the country, the country’s compliance with the Millenium Development Goals and global terrorism.

Millenium Development Goals? Hmmmm. What’s that? Oh, yes, that is the United Nations project on “gender equality and women’s empowerment, progress,” also known as Satan. Okay, not really, but he’s involved in it on some level, I’m sure. Oh, you need an example? Okay. One of the really bad “problems” listed in the Millenium Development Goals (.pdf) is, you guessed it, pregnancy. Also listed is childbirth. But wait, from single parenting? Nope. From marriage.

Early marriage has an important bearing on women’s autonomy and reproductive health. Girls who marry young have fewer opportunities to go to school, less say in household decision-making, and are more likely to experience domestic violence. They are exposed to the risks of early pregnancy and childbirth, the leading cause of death for girls aged 15 to 19 in developing countries.

What I quoted above is a gender feminist (like Hillary Clinton?) view of what causes death. Scenario: A 15-yr-old gets married, then gets pregnant, and suffers from malnutrition. She dies during childbirth. To a gender feminist, the cause of death is not malnutrition. Rather, it’s the marriage, the pregnancy and the child-birth.

Tell me Satan isn’t involved here.

By the way, this is all done in the name of “eradicating poverty.” In other words, children cause poverty. Not disease. Not illness. Not single parenting. Having children. Population.

There is an article quoting Bishop Gilbert Garcera saying that the problem is not “overpopulation.” In other words, poverty isn’t caused by the existence of “too many people.” Here’s a tweet that I got this morning from a woman in The Philippines who was complaining about Bishop Gilbert Garcera. When I responded that he is right, she responded as below.


“Right” is a relative term? Since when? Oh yes, the slums are populated…with human beings who have inherent dignity that poverty can never rob them of.  The problem is not the human beings. It is that the human beings are poor and need hope that goes beyond pressuring them to choose not to have children. Telling people, “Here’s a job so that you can support a family” is compassionate. Telling them, “Here’s a condom. Stop breeding” is cruelty.

What happens if countries targeted by the Millenium Development project meet the goals? They get boatloads of U.S. taxpayer money.

With a total contribution of approximately $US 900M, the MDG-Fund has financed 130 joint programmes in eight programmatic areas in 50 countries around the world, in addition to global partnerships, thematic knowledge management initiatives and the JPO and SARC young development professionals training programmes.

The 50 countries noted include The Philippines. Never mind that there are over 70 countries that have more people in poverty, as a percentage of the population, than The Philippines.

So, let’s pick up with Hillary Clinton, where we left off, in November 2009. Clinton traveled to The Philippines to talk about “Millenium Development Goals” with their president, along with other matters. While there, she announced that the United States is officially pro-choice and did not seek to undermine what everyone surely understood to mean the Catholic Church, but she also indicated that big bucks from America were riding on this issue. (See Clinton: Family planning a ‘positive’ choice for society, GMA News, November 12, 2009.)

The very next month, December, 2009, it was announced that the Philippines qualified for the fund (which is chaired by Hillary Clinton, by the way.)

Under the Millennium Development Goals, the Philippines and other members of the United Nations have set a goal of reducing poverty incidence by half by 2010, and eliminating extreme poverty by 2015.

This is the third time that the Philippines has been endorsed as compact-eligible under the MCC’s Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) program by the MCC board chaired by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“The reselection reaffirms both the MCC’s confidence in the Philippines’ high capacity as development partner and the Philippine government’s highest level of political commitment to good governance,” Romulo said in a statement released shortly after the MCC board meeting in Washington, D. C.

The debate on the RH bill has been in full swing at least since 2009 and Hillary Clinton’s visit. Certainly, it’s been a long, hard-fought fight, but please, don’t fool yourselves into thinking this could have happened if Hillary Clinton were not laying pressure on the Filipino government and dangling all this cash in front of them in the process. I choose to live in the real world. Don’t you?

I hope you all had a most Blessed Feast Day of the Holy Family! Let us continue to pray that the family will be upheld, not attacked as the “cause” of poverty in the world.

Note: The featured photo above is from the Millenium Development Goals project. I added the text.

For your convenience, GMA News RH Bill Timeline.

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