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Those Passionist Nuns Always Make Me Smile

Passionist Nuns acting in a fun skit for Sr. Mary Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee

The Passionist Nuns of St. Joseph Monastery are responsible for a great deal of joy in my life. They are cloistered nuns, but as a Passionist Oblate Associate, I am spiritually connected to them in the Cross. It is quite an experience, most of all spiritually, to be a part of a family you never really get to see. We do get to see a whole lot more of them than usual, though, by way of their monthly newsletter. I very much hope you will sign up for the Passionist Nuns newsletter which you can receive by mail. Click here to visit their recent blog post on the Autumn newsletter. Click here to see the archive of newsletters, which you can read online  or print out to read and share.

May the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ Be Ever in Our Hearts!


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