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Dr. Taylor Marshall Issues Statement Defending Bishop Olson

Dr. Taylor Marshall has issued a statement on his Facebook page defending Bishop Olson regarding accusations that he is suppressing the TLM. Bishop Olson says in the letter that he is doing this for Michael King’s “soul.” The bishop understands that this is a personal intervention – and not an attack on Fisher More College […]

The Two Kinds of ‘Gay Rights’ Activists

There are two kinds of “gay rights” activists. 1. The Anti-religion “gay rights” activist. Example: Endorsed by Barack Obama, Dan Savage and his followers routinely attack Christians and Christianity. Below is a screenshot of Dan Savage’s rant against the Bible to high school students, many of whom walked out of the auditorium in protest. 2. […]

So, a friend has asked me to write about AZ SB 1062

A friend in Arizona has asked me to write about SB 1062, a controversial bill that is ostensibly “anti-gay” if you believe the left wing and only to protect “religious freedom” if you believe the right wing. Frankly, I think it’s kind of a mess. You can read the latest draft here. When I say […]

There Are No ‘Gay’ People, Only ‘Gay’ Sex Acts

There are no “gay” people, only “gay” sex acts. This is the Catholic view in today’s terms, in a nutshell. It’s in the catechism here, has been expounded on by the papal theologian here, and is further expounded on by Michael W. Hannon here. Mark Joseph Stern freaks out about Hannon’s article here, at Slate. […]