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West Roxbury’s Catholic Memorial School Gives HHS Mandate Supporter Steve Lynch a Platform

Catholic Memorial School, West Roxbury Massachusetts

Catholic Memorial School, West Roxbury MA. PHOTO: John Phelan

This is just an FYI for Catholic parents who may have children attending West Roxbury’s Catholic Memorial School in Massachusetts. Your child’s school invited Steve Lynch, a supporter of Obamacare (See Vote #3 here), with its HHS contraception mandate, to speak to students. Giving him the right to speak when he denies Catholics freedom of conscience is, well, unconscionable.

Wicked Local:

West Roxbury — Congressman Stephen Lynch addressed Catholic Memorial’s eighth-grade class on subjects ranging from literacy to leadership at its Wednesday morning assembly on Jan. 9. Lynch, who represents the 8th Congressional district in Massachusetts, came at the invitation of students James Moccio and Thomas Bohan, the latter of whom is Lynch’s nephew.

From Deal Hudson, Catholicity:

Regarding the public platforms that are sometimes given pro-abortion Catholic politicians, the bishops clearly state: “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

This is important. As noted in an article in the June issue of CRISIS (“The Enemy Inside The Gates,” by Patrick J. Reilly), numerous Catholic schools and institutions have invited pro-abortion Catholics to speak or be honored. Not only does this undermine the Church’s position on important moral issues, but it also comes dangerously close to sanctioning the anti-Catholic activities of these individuals.

Now that the bishops have stated unequivocally that these politicians should never be given ANY kind of award, honor, or platform, we can start looking to Catholic institutions to fall in line.

We all need to stand together for the Church’s religious freedom. A critical part of that is denying platforms to those who deny our First Amendment rights.


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