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Why Catholics Cannot Accept Homosexuality as an Identity


There is an excellent article by David Prosen at Catholic Therapists explaining why Catholics cannot accept homosexuality as an identity.

Homosexuality is not an identity. One is not a “same sex attraction”, but instead one experiences same sex attraction. For years, Courage, the Catholic support group for those with same-sex attraction, as well as many other Christians, have refrained from using words such as “gay”, “lesbian”, “bisexual” , “transgender” or even “homosexual” because they are labels which insinuate that this is in fact an identity.

In 2003 researcher Alan Medinger (Medinger, 2003) cited a number of false beliefs that come about when one accepts homosexuality as an “identity”:

I must have been born this way.

If I was born this way, then God made me this way.

If God made me this way, how can there be anything wrong with it?

It’s my nature and I must be true to my nature.

If it’s my nature, I can’t change.

If I try to change I would be going against my nature and that would be harmful.

Accepting myself as gay feels so good- I feel like a thousand pound load has been lifted off of my back so it must be okay.

If people can’t accept my being gay, then something is wrong with them.

If people can’t accept my being gay, then they don’t accept me because that’s who I am.

If we accept the idea that homosexuality is an identity, then the truth is chipped away further and further until we are left with nothing.

Please read the whole thing.

As someone with Bipolar Disorder, I can attest that finding your identity in disorder is the road to spiritual (and sometimes physical) suicide. When people who are charged with teaching the faith are using these terms, they are leading people down the path of spiritual (and sometimes physical) destruction.

I have personal experience with this with a former spiritual director. That’s why I keep talking about it…even though few are listening.

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