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Why is Karl Rove Attacking Non-Candidate Ashley Judd?

Karl Rove vs Ashley Judd

Karl Rove has released an online ad attacking private citizen Ashley Judd, which is the very thing I apologized for in my most recent post on Ashley Judd. Here’s the beginning of the report on this at WDRB, a Louisville television station:

Actress Ashley Judd hasn’t yet decided whether to run for public office, but she’s already the target of an attack ad.

You don’t attack non-candidates, especially when you don’t want them to run for office. Attacking non-candidates politically can have the effect of encouraging them to run when they might not have otherwise. If Ashley Judd runs for Senate in Kentucky, we have Karl Rove to thank for it. Further, it would be highly unlikely that Judd could win the seat in Kentucky, with her radical views, unless she makes Karl Rove her opponent. That happened today, but it was Karl Rove’s decision to become Judd’s opponent, not Judd’s.

A few ads explaining how Karl Rove picks candidates for the Republican party, instead of voters picking them, and explaining how Judd was prompted to run after Rove attacked her, would probably keep a lot of Republicans home on election day. There’s also the issue of “attacking women,” particularly women who are not even candidates. Conservatives don’t take kindly to the idea of men insulting and attacking women. Surely, it is not for the same reason that Judd doesn’t take kindly to men attacking women (she’s a radical feminist), but the disgust for men attacking women is something Christian conservatives don’t take kindly to, nevertheless. This is especially true when the attack comes at a time when a woman is considered to be vulnerable….like just after she announces she is getting a divorce.

Before today, there were only two people who are known to have truly wanted Ashley Judd to run for Senate. Liberal Democrat Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville, and Karl Rove. Now, the left-wing blogosphere is all abuzz at the prospect of a Judd vs Rove race. It looks like John Yarmuth may get his wish, thanks to Karl Rove.

By the way, I got a very polite email this morning from a Republican Party official here in Kentucky asking me to hear her side of this story after it was clear on Twitter and Facebook that I was not happy with Karl Rove about this. My reply was that I prefer to discuss politics out in the open, not behind closed doors. Kentuckians, you see, have a right to have their voices heard and not to have our candidates picked behind closed doors by power brokers. We don’t need Republican party leaders and Washington fundraisers telling us who the candidates should be in Kentucky’s elections, particularly when the candidates they are picking are left-wing radicals to run in the Democratic Party.

Steve Deace of Iowa has written an excellent op-ed at Politico today explaining how Karl Rove is helping to ensure that conservatism does not prevail on election day and what we can do to stop him. It may be too late here in Kentucky, already, but with my last breath I will be doing whatever I can to make sure Kentucky gets to pick her own candidates, whether they are in the Democratic or the Republican Party.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil, folks. If the people pick the candidates, the people will pick candidates who actually have MORALS. If the candidate isn’t MORAL, then it doesn’t matter what they tell us in public. Behind closed doors they’re going to be arm-twisters and back-stabbers. That’s what immoral people do in Washington, and we’re tired of it.

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