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Worcester Diocese Rescinds Invitation to Robert Spencer

Robert SpencerRocco Palmo tweets a link to a Boston Globe report about the Diocese of Worcester canceling a speaking appearance by Catholic author Robert Spencer. The diocese has capitulated to a Muslim group that refers to Spencer as a “hatemonger.”

Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal, cochairman of communications for the Islamic Council of New England, called the cancellation of Spencer’s speech “very reassuring” and said it was consistent with longstanding good relations between the Muslim and Catholic communities in Massachusetts.

“Somebody may have been blindsided by Robert Spencer, not knowing exactly what kind of hatemonger he was,” he said.

You may remember Robert Spencer from his formal debate with renowned Catholic theologian Peter Kreeft at Thomas More College in which Kreeft conceded the point: The only good Muslim is a bad Muslim. There is no word yet on whether Kreeft has also been banned from speaking in the Diocese of Worcester.

Spencer responded as his regular readers might expect him to:

Spencer, in an e-mail late Wednesday afternoon, said the diocese had not notified him of the cancellation.

“If it does turn out to be true,” he said in another e-mail, “it is new evidence of the cowardice of Roman Catholic officials in confronting the reality of Muslim persecution of Christians and their inability to grasp the importance [of] basing genuine dialogue between religions on truth, however ­unpleasant, rather than on wishful thinking and comforting fictions.”

In an earlier e-mail, he ­defended his work.

“There is nothing hateful or bigoted about what I say,” he said. “My work is in defense of the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law.”

Visit Robert Spencer’s blog: Jihad Watch. He has written a lengthy article on the decision here.

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