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Archbishop Nona’s warning to the West about Islam

I have been keeping track of Archbishop Nona for some time via news through Aid To The Church in Need. He is a sober-minded man. The news he offers now is sobering itself. CNS News: “Our sufferings today are the prelude of those that you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near […]

Tony Perkins on the Kelly File: Genocide in Iraq

From Tony Perkins on Facebook: I joined Martha on Kelly File tonight to talk about President Obama’s refusal to call the systematic murder of Christians in the Middle East by ISIS what it is – genocide. The failed foreign policy of President Obama has once again had deadly consequences. Let’s pray for these innocent people […]

Prayer of the Children, for the children of Iraq

My daughter Teresa sings Soprano with the local public high school chorus. This year, one of the songs they will be singing is Prayer of the Children. They practiced it today after watching a video performance by Gondwana Singers. Teresa said that she thought of the children of Iraq as she sang it. She will be […]

Hillary Clinton blames Obama policies for rise of radical Islam

Cognitive dissonance? AFP, via Yahoo News: Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton blamed the rise of Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria on failures of US policy under President Barack Obama, in an interview published Sunday. It is breathtaking and heartbreaking to me that so many politicians, Hillary Clinton included, will go along with whatever […]