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60 Minutes Scandalizes Pope Francis

I do not watch television, but the report from last night’s 60 Minutes about Pope Francis is online. I found it last night in a Twitter search for tweets about Pope Francis. The tweet is just the beginning of what I saw from 60 Minutes that scandalizes Pope Francis. How Pope Francis is changing and […]

British woman ‘marries’ dog

“There are different kinds of love,” says the woman who married her dog, according to New York Daily News. A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show says his daughter heard this on the radio and now wants to marry his Rottweiler. RUSH: Now, your daughter, you said, wanted to marry the dog?   CALLER: She […]

UN Asks Vatican to Change Canon Law

Folks at the United Nations obviously do not know how this “Catholic” thing works. Fox News via Women of Grace: “The committee also urged the Vatican to amend its canon law to identify circumstances where access to abortion can be permitted for children, such as to save the life of a young mother,” Fox reports. […]

Schism Coming in Germany?

Talk of schism in Germany has been going on for quite some time. See here, here, here, here, here, and the comments here. Something I had never seen before is this video, shared today by Rod Dreher, showing most of the German bishops refusing to shake Pope Benedict XVI’s hand. Dreher describes it as “shocking.” […]